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Monthly Archives: April 2013

“Truth in Lies” Featuring Stephen Cooper

This video is by a band located in Springfield, Mo called Human Anyway. Their purpose in making this video, with the help of Nixa students, was to make people aware of the ” idea of what the world tells us vs. who we really are and how we can look in the mirror and see less than what we should because of what we tell ourselves in our minds.(from youtube description)”
*Editors Note* Human Anyway wants to start a movement that is a variation of the “Love is Louder” movement. Take a picture of yourself in the mirror with a word that you need to start believing you are or a word you need to stop calling yourself. Send it to and feel free to add a story to go along with it. They will then post it on their facebook page. It may seem small, but your picture or story could inspire someone, or help them know that they are not alone.Lets join together.